I just have finished most of the photos to a fictionalized documentary called “Pilecki” directed by Mirosław Krzyszkowski. The producer of the image is the foundation Auschwitz Memento, which raised the donation for the realization of the film from public subscription. Two additional days of photo session still awaits for us in July. Premiere at the cinema is planned for early next year. Photos from the filmset you can see on my website in the bookmark Photos/Gallery. During the filming scene of the escape from Auschwitz I had a lot of luck. It was a day of a pouring rain, as it did during the real escape of the Capitan Pilecki.

Running through the tracks I’ve slipped and hit directly my forehead to a board between a pile of stones. Besides slightly splitted my forehead nothing worse had happened to me and we could continue shooting. It horrific to think what would happened if I had hit the rocks or the protruding nuts.

I wish you a fulfilling and safe holiday without unncecessary shocks.