Welcome in New Year,

I recently just turned 35 years but I think that the age is working in my favor. Man gathers not only experience but also the distance to himself and surrounding reality, which hi also somehow begins to look at more carefully. I hope that for you 2014 also promises to be interesting. If not, you have to start right now believing that this year will be special and full of joyful experiences because we are what we think and we attract what we think.

Soon I begin shots for the next series of the TV show “Ojciec Mateusz”. I will be starring as a guest in 147 episode as a villain Andrzej Bednarek, who will contribute to the assassination of the main character. In “Klan” my character Rafał (this time positive) will defend Ola Lubicz from a intrusive stalker who will turn out to be her own boss.

In the theatre, you can still see me on the stage of the Square Theatre in plays: “Berek, czyli upiór w moherze” 14 February, “To tylko sztuka” 1, 2 March. On the 15 March I want to invite you to the club near Hoża 51 Street on the 8 p.m., I will show you my one man show called “Rozkwaś Polaka!” by Wojtek Miłoszewski. Tickes costs 40 pln. Reservations under phone number 501 150 379 or by e-mail: [email protected]. This comedy show I will be also plaing previously on 24th of January in

Kielce in the “Moskwa” cinema and 16th of February in Rzeszów at the New Theatre. With this title I’m also preparing a tour to London.

From the 4th of February I am starting rehearsals at the Polish Theatre in Warsaw for the play called “Król Lear” directed by Jacques Lassal. Premiere will be on the 26th of April 2014. The title role will be played by Andrzej Seweryn.

„Książe Kornwalii” who I will be starring, is a villain, who along with his wife Regan (Anna Cieślak) will solidly contribute to the fall of the king Lear. In the cast you’ll see also: Piotr Cyrwus, Jerzy Szejbal, Lidia Sadowska, Szymon Kuśmider, and others.

If You love your work like I do, then you are the lucky one. If not, maybe it’s a right time to think about the changes! Life is too short to do something that doesn’t give you satisfaction.

Best regards!